Oggys Fries

Oggys FriesOggy is in trouble again with those pesky cockroaches! Protect Oggy’s french fries from the hungry cockroaches or else he’ll lose his snack. Use Mouse to interact.

Snoring 3 – Treasure Island

Snoring 3 - Treasure IslandThe sea crossing was long, and so the elephant fell into a deep sleep: go immediately to wake him up that you just landed on the mysterious island. Click on the characters, collect coins and wake up the captain, there is a treasure to find! Every animal has the ability to jump, roll and move in a particular way. Make to your advantage to complete all levels of this physics engine game. This game is played with mouse control.

Wicked Castle

Wicked CastleWicked Castle is a beautiful game that will engage in physical engine to find the most effective
way to conquer enemy castle. This game is played with the mouse. Take aim and throw the ball of fire.